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This short film will take you on a walk along Round Mountain Recreational Trail in Colorado, while also giving you a brief history about the trail. It's located on Sheep Mountain. I had never heard of the trail or the mountain before watching this video, but by looking at the top and the way that it's not so much a summit as a starting point, it looks a place worth of exploring!!
@treedweller I still thought the quality was pretty good--felt more authentic than anything else.
@treedweller Yeah! Exactly. Just in it for th ehike and that's it. @fallingwater I know what you mean, but there's so many pretty places we'd miss seeing if we'd always be more worried about feeling like we've actually reached a summit
Looks like a fun place! Though I have to say I prefer a summit that feels mor like a summit
I like that this one is kinda....messy? Not as cleanly edited as others. Really just a dude showing a place he loves. Gotta appreciate that.