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Inspired by @Mikayla's Mermaid braid styling card, this hairstyle requires no braiding! If you ever run of out time or hair-do idea for prom you can use this! :) It 5 minutes or less to achieve this mermaid wave texture.
1. Work with your natural texture if you have curly hair start by straightening it first.
2. Then create a center part.
3. Gather 1-inch of hair, wrap the hair under the barrel until you reach the end. Make sure you're holding the iron horizontally.
4. After curling each section pin it up for the curls to cool and set (this method make it last longer).
5. Continue curling and clipping the back.
6. When it the curls cool let your hair down. Then gently brush it out with a boar bristle brush to get tidy, sexy waves.
7. Retouch any strands that needs more curls.
8. Finish it off with a shine hairspray!
For some reason I'm really horrible at curling my hair. It always comes out different for both sides. Any idea?
Thanks @HairConfetti! If I decided not to go with an updo this would be on top of my list. I would probably add a few small braids along to make it more interesting.