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I would walk the globe to hear you say my name one last time. I will climb the tallest mountain to scream sweet nothings for you would not be able to hear them. I would jump the Grand Canyon so that way i could feel the way i felt when you spoke my name. I have so much to do, and so little time! How does it make you feel that i will be gone soon? If i asked you to tell me it was alright and stay by my side would you? I would. Have a word, have a thought, cause for every one of those, comes an expected love song. I'll sing my lungs out, each in a different melody to see which would catch your heart. I've been to hell and back for the sake of love, i made my way through Lucifer so that way would be together. I put Jesus Christ below you because you mean that much to me. My faith was more than just a daily question i had the answers to. If you asked me, i would do all that is possible to show you, to tell you, to make you feel. I'd sing for you, i'd work for you, i'd do it all if it meant that you would look at me like you used to. Cause there is nothing more that i want, than to see your smile and your eyes glow with so much passion it fills me so much emotion, i can't.. So many poems have been written about you that i can make a book, so many songs written that i can throw it together and preform at a venue, so many stories shared it becomes a fairytale in the end. But there would be no other place then there. I've created my own world where everything is OK, when in reality it is not. See me as I see you, It's all i ask.
@Voltron15 Yeah, like, is there anything you wouldn't do? I sthere anything that would make you change your mind about wanting her back? I'm not saying there has to be, I just think it would be an interesting contrast to your other pieces
what i wouldn't do to get her back?
This might sound like a weird question, but I'd love to see a poem that's kind of the opposite of this--what WOULDN'T you do to get her back? Is there anything? I feel like we so often see what you would do--but what about what you wouldn't?
Sometimes, all we want to do is beg for us to be seen the way we see another. It doesn't always work, but we would do all of these things to do it. Well written.