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Eeeeeye love eeeeeet < 3 Its got that cute marshmallowy type sweetness to it but not syrupy....ya feel? Totally diggin the overall concept of the video, "Bros before Hos" lol. Aaahhh the cute factor was werkin....Hyuk and Ravi were just too adorable. Really lurve the choreography as well. What did y'all think? Good stuff? Or too sweet?
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This is so different from what I was expecting. It's cute though.
Hahaha it kind of reminds me of when BAP released "Stop It" after songs like "Power" and "Warrior".
lol@danidee I paused "Stop It" 10 seconds in to check the title and make sure it was really BAP.
@PassTheSuga I have friends who HATE that song, but I think it's so cute.
I heard that VIXX asked the fans that came to the live show today to wear 90s style clothes like in the video hahahahha