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When someone tells you they love you, everything turns into gold. Nothing can pop that little bubble. You're on cloud nine! But then you think, "This isn't real" "This is too good to be true", "We can't be together". Your heart soars for just a minute And then it stops Uneasy thoughts dance through your head Saying "I love you" is very easy to do. Meaning it, is so much harder. When you tell someone that, you don't know what will happen Who knows if they'll get scared and leave you hanging Maybe they'll treat you differently and tell everyone And then maybe they'll start rumors Love is trust. Love is support. Love is falling face first into the person who makes you so happy, that every little care melts away When they tell you they love you, don't doubt it. Trust it. Your love shall come to you, whether you think it or not. Follow your heart, trust your gut, and be patient. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. "All good things to those who wait." Wait for your Love, and they shall come to you.
Thank you @redridergirl! I do make the drawing and I'm very proud of it! And yes, I think I am very fortunate. It's all credit to my dad and my passion. Thank you for the compliments. It makes my day a little better knowing that people like my work!
@VictoriaSims Thank you! I think you have a lot of fans! My Aunt was a artist locally back in the early 1900's and marriage was more important so she gave it up totally until I was helping take care of her her last few years and she started water colors and colored pencils not oils again. She never lost that talent it was amazing! I am craftsy not fine art skilked. So I truly admire that talent and you have it! Thank you to your Dad as well then for his gift to you!
I feel you really made an impact with this one! And I love the drawing! You are very talented! You're very fortunate to have such skill and talent! Use it well!
Wonderful! The drawing is by you as well, yes? Very nice. @VictoriaSims I'd love it if you could add this to the Creative Writing Community as well! I think many people there would enjoy it as well.