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Charles Mintz has been working on a beautiful and unique potrait project. The subjects are featured in the environment of their Lustron homes; the project is aptly named "Lustron Stories - Amerians at Home".
Lustron homes were created with porcelain baked enamel steel between 1948 and 1950. Charles' series of photographs shines a light on this unusual architectural community living in these cookie-cutter style houses, highlighting their own unique flair.
Here is what Charles writes about the project:
"Lustron Corporation manufactured porcelain baked enamel steel houses in Columbus OH between 1948 and 1950. Virtually everything, exterior siding, roof, interior walls, cabinets, and ceilings were made out of this material. The components were shipped to site on a specially designed trailer and assembled by local contractors."
"Of the 2500 sold, roughly two-thirds are still being used today. These houses were aimed at GI’s returning from the war, as starter homes for young families – an answer to the country’s severe housing shortage."
"Over the past three years, 120 portraits of the people living in these homes in fifteen states have been produced using my large wooden film camera."
"Lustron Stories – Americans at Home explores the course of the Great American Dream since that unique time immediately after the Second World War. At the same time, it looks at the history of prefab and manufactured housing that began with the Bauhaus ideal of using industrial methods and materials to produce affordable housing."
"We learn from the people in the photographs, all living in the same quirky house scattered about the country. They show us a design that has held its purpose for 65 years. More importantly, they speak to us about the meaning of home."
Simple project executed beautifully. It's easy to swallow and looks great. What's not to like about this project?
Belated thanks. If you are interested, the book is now available http://bit.ly/amazonlustron
Cool! I love how some photographic series can shed so much light on things I never knew about
Belated thanks. If you are interested, the book is now available http://bit.ly/amazonlustron