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Curly hair ladies this is going to be your favorite to-go hairstyle from now on. It only takes 3 minutes to put together this cool up-do.
1. Separate the top half of your hair, create a top knot and secure with bobby pins.
2. Divide your lower hair in two sections.
3. Wrap the right portion around your top knot and secure it with bobby pins.
4. Repeat the same process to the left side and complete the look with accessories!
I think this top knot works for any hair type! So quick and simple!
This is how I actually do my hair on lazy days.
@nannysally I use the same method but instead of a top knot I do a messy low bun.
@Alohajpark I like the messy bun idea with this method.
This is great, it sounds like this is a good way to get all the hairs I miss at the back of my head into a bun!