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In researching more about trail cleanups in my area as well as ways I can help out with other peoples' clean ups, I found the site Clean Trails. Clean Trails is a non-profit dedicated to creating a network of Trail Cleaners that will help clean, educate, and spread knowledge about our trails and why it's important to keep them clean!
As someone who is ready to get involved and help on the trails, it looks really awesome to me. There's so many ways you can get involved.
By checking out their Membership page, you'll find all the potential roles:

- Trail Pickup – Everytime you go hiking you can make a difference - Be Social – Like us and post pictures - Lead at the Trailhead – Talk to others about Clean Trails at a nearby trailhead - Adopt A Trail – It's your trail too! - Organize a trail cleanup day - Create a school project (permission from instructor/school required) - Assist with assembly of our "Trail Kits" - Become a Clean Trails "Trainer" - Be a social media organizer - Become an organizer for your city/area – email us for more detail - Think big and develop your own project
By getting involved with any of these roles, it seems like you can make a big difference! You can also choose to adopt a trail, and then they'll ask if you can please go do a clean up sweep once a month and have a bigger trail cleanup 1 or 2 times a year. I think this is such a great initiative for getting something done in regards to keeping our trails clean!

@yakwithalan Small results, but successful results!
@TrevorGoldley Hopefully we'll see those multiply!
@TrevorGoldley Do you know if this program has been successful overall, or is it just starting?
This is AWESOME! I gotta check out my area. I'm sure I can find something. Thanks!!
This is awesome!! Signing on to check for my area--thanks!