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You can skip dinner and eat a light lunch, but breakfast is an important meal to start the day right. As much as I enjoy eating eggs, pancakes, sausage, and hashbrown for my morning delight I can't do it everyday. First of all, it's too heavy. I feel like going back to sleep right after a such hearty meal. Second, it's too much butter and grease to start the day.
Breakfast is meant to break the "fast". You're technically fasting when you're asleep so your body needs to reorganize itself in the morning. Consuming too much food as soon as you wake up is probably not the best idea. What your inner system need is an energy boost. Below are my favorite healthy breakfast to start the day and most of them takes 10 minutes or less to put together. Perfect for on-the-go commute!

Green Juice/Smoothie

This powerful drink is filled with vitamins and minerals that'll make your skin glow. In addition, it'll give your body a rush of energy. Find out more about juice vs. smoothie here.
Green juice is meant to be drink on an empty stomach for maximum benefit. Also, it's best to consume it right away because the nutrients are broken down by blending/juice. If you think it's too raw to start off with green juice you can drink a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon with honey first. (It's another great way to detox your liver in the morning).

Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

A great option if you like crunchy texture and diary products! This light meal is filled with anti-oxidant, fiber and vitamin D!
Here's a delicious yogurt bowl recipe from @alise. If you don't have the time to roast your own nuts or coconut flakes you can skip that. In addition, I love storing plain yogurt in a mason jar and throw in nuts, granola and pieces of fruits for on-the-go.

Bagel and Cream Cheese

If you need some solid food a bagel and cream cheese is my favorite on-the-go breakfast. You can get a pack of bagels from a local grocery store or Costco. For the cream cheese, Kraft's Philadelphia is the best. If you're lactose, try Trader Joe's non-dairy spread or Nature Valley's lactose free cream cheese.

Mixed Fruit Salad

You'll get a copious amount of antioxidant, fiber and antioxidant in this tiny bowl. It's also super easy to dice it and throw it in a tupperware or mason jar for commute.
That's the end of my list. What's your favorite breakfast on-the-go?
@Nisfit throw a big spoonful of cottage cheese on top and you're good to go!
I am obsessed with mixed fruit salads.
Who was it on Vingle that posted the omlette in a bag? That was genius!
I'm always the yogurt girl! Easy and filling :)
Hard boiled eggs are good too! Grab two of those and a piece of fruit and you're good to go :)
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