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Plants go through a process about transpiration all day long--which means they release water! It is possible to magnify and capture that water transpiration using clear plastic! All you need is a nonpoisonous plant and a clear plastic bag, as well as some full son. Still, you can get it at night, too! It's not the most efficient way to gather water, but it works. Especially in survival situations, THIS is a necessity to know how to do!

How to do this:

1. Find a plant and a plastic bag!
2. Secure the opening of the bag around the branch, stem or trunk. Make certain that the seal is as airtight as possible.
3. Move a part of the bag so the water gathers in that area.
4. Depending on the plant, you should have 1 cup of water in the bag after 4-5 hours!
Would this really work well/? What if there are chemicals in the soil there? Couldn't it be dangerous?
@fallingwater I was wondering the same thing. Like, it jsut seems too...simple?
1 cup might not be much, but this is a great way to maybe gather water to water my indoor plants.
@yakwithalan Definitely. @fallingwater It'll work! Of course you don't want to do like contaminated soil, but the water that is let out of plants will be surprisingly "filter" by the roots+plant system.