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Mama Nixon loves a good pearl when she sees one. Even better when it's a cheap find. For $6,485 this vintage diamond, sapphire and pearl ring can be yours. As there's only one available, check out the other antique-style rings and jewels at
Measurements: 1/2 of an inch (1.2 cm) in length north to south on the hand and rises 3/8 of an inch (1.0 cm) in height off the finger. Weight of 3.0 grams (1.9 dwt).
Condition: Excellent; shank has been replaced; a number of sapphires with wear or minute chips are only visible with magnification.
Note: Stones were not removed to preserve the integrity of the setting. All weights are approximated by measurement and formula and may vary from actual weights. All metals are acid tested.
My mom has my grandmother's jewelry. I don't know what she has other than my great-grandmother's cameo. No rings that I know of.
My grandmother had a few pearls set in gold. She wore mostly costume jewelry, but some were really nice. Do you have a ring or necklace in the family already that you got from your mom to give to your daughter? @daniachicgo
Pretty ring. I want to be able to have jewelry to hand down to my daughter.