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I just read about the dangers of what actually goes into store-bought mouthwashes. And I only found out about that because of the crazy stuff that I learned goes into tap water! OMG!
So I looked online and found a great recipe online that I am going to try. Thought you would want to get clean and healthy and make it as well. Let me know what you think. Tell me if you try it out.
2 1/2 cups mineral water
1 tsp anise seeds
1 tsp mint leaves
1 tsp rosemary leaves
1. Mix all ingredients into a pot to a boil.
2. Take off heat and cover with a lid and steep for 10-12 minutes.(Longer will make the water bitter.)
3. Let cool.
4. Bottle in sanitized water bottle.
I hope this simple recipe prods you to make this easy all natural mouthwash and to give it a shot. If you're not inspired then I urge you to research the toxins and chemicals that go into both tap water and store-bought mouthwashes.
I like Bio-tene. I haven't read the chemicals on it, but I think it's better than other store bought alternatives. But this is interesting info. Gonna see if this really works.
Yeah, it's pretty nasty and scary what they allow to go into some products.
I always knew tap water was bad. gonna try this. love natural DIY projects
I might go easy on the star anise simply because it smells horrible to me, but the rest of the ingredients sound great!
Trader Joes sells all natural mouthwash. Love that stuff. This seems like a really easy method to make it yourself and save some money. Cool idea @daniachicago
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