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Soo im planning on buyin a switch 40 cause i like downhill n its a great board i wanted to put lanyatchz bear griz 852 truck with venom cannibal wheels but ive been borrowing my friends angel vs demons santa cruz which was built for downhill and i love the setup its road rider 180 trucks with OJ 75mm 78a Thunderjuice wheels and i was wondering if that setup would work on the landyatchz? n im buyin the board from daddiesboardshop idk if they carry those wheels but im gonna check any advice would be great?
@BradSBadEmd yeah but then the smaller board companies that actually know something about boarding get ran out. zumiez is a clothes store and a wanna be skate shop
Lolololol zumies aint a skate shop @BradSBadEmd
you should totally find a longboard store near you. there has to be one. thats the best place to get any gear
Ojs are awesome
there isnt ive looked @jdizzy1000 and im got landyatchz bear grizzlies@steezster ya ik but if they sell wheels it works they are still the same wheels@JoshSmith
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