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If you're heading out to go hiking, or maybe to spend some time doing outdoor activity, don't lace up those boots before you drive to wherever your headed.
Why? Because you'll be in the car, and your feet will get hot in your well-lined boots. Then, your feet will sweat before you even get started, which will cause your boots to be wet and then your feet to be cold.
Besides, who likes driving in boots?
This is a pretty simple tip, but it could make your hike or few hours outdoors much more enjoyable just by changing into your boots right before leaving the vehicle. Good luck!
@yakwithalan Yeah, well, depending on the kind of hike you're starting or how hot your feet get it won't be a huge problem. But some people can really benefit from this!
Honestly, I've been doing this for years and never had a problem. Doing this as in driving in my boots.
@fallingwater It's so simple I think we all can forget it! But our feet are so important; we shouldn't forget!
Hahahah, good tip! I would never think of this!