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Step 1:cut the bottom of a shirt into fringes all the way around. Step 2: Once the crop top is fringed at the length you want tie strands that are next to each other together, leave space between the knot and the beginning of the cut. Step 3: To make the criss-cross effect tie strands that are opposite to each other, leave space between the first knot. (depending on the length of the fringe and the style you're after repeat step 3 as many times as you wish!) Step 4: Complete the look by cutting off any uneven strands. Pair this cute new crop top with some cute ombre shorts or some worn out jeans like I did!
The first picture is a bit hard to see but thanks for including samples of what you did! This would be a fun top for concerts!
@mikayla Thank you for the feedback! and yes! I wore it at Life in Color 2015!!