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Noelani and Norman tied the knot at San Diego's, The North Chapel and busied themselves with the first day of the rest of their lives as guests gushed for this daytime wedding.
I wanted to highlight this wedding reception for two reasons. Firstly, I am not a big lover of purple on the color spectrum and secondly, I wanted to share how daytime receptions can look on-point without a lot of drama and expense. I'd like to dedicate this card to Margot Nixon as she has shared much about what does and does not work for weddings. (Love to get your feedback @nixonwoman!)
I love the vibrancy of the colors: purple, fuchsia and yellow. They remind me of Carnivale and the summer trips my family would take to the Bahamas from Ft. Lauderdale. The entry vignette reflects a vintage seafarer's journey from the old world to the new world. All of these pieces were rented--not purchased or scavanged!
The bride and groom's table wasn't fussy with flowers and draping. They kept things simple with scattered tropicals on a wooden table before a fabulous vignette of a a crate, found objects and items that seemed to evoke a sense of simplicity and masculine romance.
For the reception, they rented farm style wooden tables and decorated the center line with a collection of random glass bottles and goblets containing a variety of single-stem florals that ranged from tropicals to dessert succulents.
Sweets galore were on full display amidst both the wedding and groom's cakes, all set up on non-matching pedestals and display vessels.
While this wedding was free from a lot of the pomp and frills of what you might imagine for weddings (in general), I share this wedding to show that you can have a blast with bold colors if it's rooted in a strong thematic base. In this case, it was the seafarer's found and wooden objects.
Let me know what you think of this reception and how they used bold colors for a daytime event.
This is how happy and festive I want my wedding to look. They look soo happy! <3
What a great wedding! I mean that. Not being sarcastic. :) That tablescape is so beautiful and it's simple. Clean. Brides need to take notes. Good job @marshalledgar. (and thanks for the dedication, but I'm not dead yet!) :)
I bet you will @daniaChicago. Just don't be like me on my wedding and get worked up over "perfection" It's just not realistic and you'll miss out on having fun.
Bring on the color! this is a fun wedding that I'd like to go to.
@marshalledgar It's okay, San Diego will always be there when you're ready for it. Well, until it ultimately breaks off, but we've got a few million years.
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