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It's prom season so I imagine that high school girls are in a frenzy--frantic or otherwise--to find the right dress. Not to mention all the other prom essentials like shoes, accessories, hair, makeup... Oh, and your date!
With all the hubbub of prom activity, body image issues can creep in and sometimes steal the show, preventing young girls from accepting who they are and what they look like. While self-confidence and body issues can paralyze some, it can lead other girls to engage in risky behavior that they normally wouldn't engage in.
By chance, I discovered The Princess Project, which gives eligible San Diego high school girls free prom dresses, accessories and professional makeup demos. They do this to promote self-confidence and body image positivity. Thanks to donors, volunteers, and huge community support, The Princess Project takes on the role of "fairy godmother" to ensure girls who couldn't afford to go, get to go--for free!
Scroll through the pictures to get information on how you could be eligible to get a free prom dress from The Princess Project!
There's not much time, so get on this QUICK! Every year The Princess Project puts together a fashion show fundraiser. This is a hot ticket where prom dresses and accessories are modeled down a runway and a great opportunity to get to know The Princess Project, as all proceeds from the event go to support their mission.
According to its website, the first step in qualifying for a free prom dress and accessories is to be a young girl enrolled in a San Diego high school with valid photo school id. If you are home-schooled, it's best to get in contact with The Princess Project directly. Students are encouraged to talk to their high school guidance counselors for more information.
I am hopeful that every year more and more young girls will be able to attend one of high school's best experiences, and to do so with self-confidence and total unreserved acceptance of body image!
I swear I've heard of something like this before. Great idea for girls.
The media makes it so hard on young girls. What a blessing the princess project is
I'd love to help out if I was nearby. Don't have any old gowns to donate.
This is a wonderful idea! Too bad I don't live in San Diego!
Spread the word! You're in SD. :)
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