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Slim Your Nose With This Eyebrow Trick!
The power of makeup is amazing but the key to enhance your feature is learning and practicing good techniques. For instance, you can manipulate makeup to narrow your nose. The secret lies in the brows. In the video below, Wayne from Goss Makeup explains and demonstrates this magical tip.
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Eyebrows are the weirdest things. They can affect so much of your face!
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I still remember my first experience of getting my eyebrows waxed. It was pretty horrible and from then I manage to do my own brows. I don't necessary follow the rules of aligning the brows at the center of the nostril.
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I figured this out while playing with different eyebrow styles that suits my face shape. Thin brows makes your eyes bigger and the further apart you brows from your nose the wider your nostril will appear.
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