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Q: Do I Make a Move?

Q: I like this girl in one of my classes (I'm in college). She's always making eye contact during class, joining in discussions on similar points as me, etc. Sometimes, she sits closer than other days and it seems intentional, like she'll talk more than usual or whatever. The thing is, she's still as shy as me, so we don't talk much other than. I was going to say something, but I'm just gonna guess that she has a boyfriend. Help?

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I hope you go up and talk, or maybe she'll approach you! Either way, go for it. Encourage it! All you can do is find out her feelings, and then adjust from there~~
I can't speak for all girls but I know I want a boy to come and talk to me. I don't want to make the first move. I feel like my flirting was the first move. Man up. Say something. Girls are far more forgiving than you think. And if she doesn't like you (or has a bf) then move on. No more worries.
Lol yes this advice is the best: use your words!!!!!
(er, her!! lol!)
So, I pretty much left my advice in the gif of John Green I used, but here it is again: USE YOUR WORDS!!!! The only way to find out or to make your move is to use your words. Talk to her more. It doesn't have to be with romantic intentions, just get to know her. You'll find out about the bf AND you'll know him better!
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