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Another 10 minute rom-com for you to enjoy :) My love / hate relationship with rom-coms is still strong!! They're so fun, but sometimes so, so horrible.
This one is about a girl who finds out she might have herpes, so she goes into a sort of crisis mode about who she's going to date, and what's going to do now! This is funny, very realistic, and a refreshing take on the genre. Enjoy the story!!
Cuteee!!! Just the right length :)
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@fallingwater Yes! i'm glad I'm not the only one who loves these mini 10 minute rom coms :) I wanna find a bunch for this collection!
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So sad that most people would have this kind of "I can't date anyone" freak out if they thought they were at risk for an STD. Reasonable, but cute way to show how to get around it.
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