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Wow. Just wow. Like the creator of this video, my initial thought when considering Dubai is as follows: tall buildings, lots of sand.
But Dubai comes to life in a totally different way in this video. The ebb and flow of the city is brought to life in the almost cartoonish stop-motion-esque editing. Apparently, the videographer would like us to call it flow motion, and flow it does!! I'm so impressed first off by the editing of this video, but then by the city itself. It seems to breath with a life I didn't imagine it with, and I want to go see it for myself!
The visual creativity and brilliant sound design kept my eyes glued to the video from start to finish. So sit down and enjoy it!
@sherrysahar No problem!! Now I really wanna see it, too :)
Dubai is AMAZING, beautiful, stunning and its been my dream to actually and see i all for myself one day inshaaallah thank so much for sharing this lovely powerful video with us all... :)