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When a character has spikey hair, you have three options:
1) An ugly wig (sorry)
2) A very spikey wig, that might not look 'possible' in real life, but has the right affect
3) A more realistic wig that is less spikey, but still does a good job of bringing the character life
In the case of Cloud from FF7, options 2 & 3 are the best! And both work really well, it just depends on what kind of wig you want to style!
This is option 2: the unrealistically spikey, but oh-so-accurate option! You can see this cosplayers AC Paradise account here.
I really love the final effect! Even though I don't believe this is real hair in anyways, I instantly know it's Cloud! To make this wig, he combined two Platinum Blonde Magnums before spiking this wig. For photo documentation with details on how this was achieved, check it all out here.
This is closer to the realistic look I was talking about! The spikes are still pretty intense so you get the feeling that YES this is Cloud, but it doesn't look like totally fake hair. It's a wig, but it doesn't look so styled that real hair would never achieve the shape, which I appreciate in a character as human as Cloud is.
@timeturnerjones Poor Tidus. Forever stuck being a less hot whiny Cloud.
@somnia LOL whiny he may be but Tidus is still kind of hot!!! But a mini Cloud. So less hot than Cloud.
@timeturnerjones I think Cloud is kind of EVERYONES crush. Even though some people got into Tidus later on (yuck, he's so whiny!) I never did
I think Cloud was my first video game crush. I still blush a little when I run into a good Cloud cosplayer!!! These wigs are both great in my opinion~
@somnia I think it just depends on the character. Sometimes their hair just HAS to be crazy unrealistic insane. And that's part of the fun of it!
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