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I grew up learning how to play the piano, but it's not until now that I'm older that I really appreciate starting so young. February 23, 2015 Write the thoughts of a child learning to play an instrument for the first time. February 21, 2015 Personify an emotion and write their actions and thoughts for a short period of time in a day. February 19, 2015 You're 90 and your older brother is turning 100. Write out his birthday plans and how you'll be making them happen. February 17, 2015 Write out every birthday wish in 3-5 year increments of someone from the moment they are born to the day they die.
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Wow, the days when I first played any instrument were so long ago, I'm not sure I can remember. It will bring back some nice memories!
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I like this one! I may intersperse it with some other time periods, too, if I give it a try...
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@hikaymm I like it!
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