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Make your ride feel better

New pivot cups and washers are a great way to freshen up your trucks a little bit. I've been playing around with mine for a while, so here's my input. Sleeved Griffin Array washers: I never liked the feel of my Venom bushings until I put these on. I like the rebound you get from RipTides, and Venoms just felt too dull for me, and these were just the right remedy. The sleeves constrain the bushings in place without it spilling out of the bushing seat, but doesn't necessarily make the truck feel restricted. It actually gives more rebound, because of how the bushing stays in place. There's a comparison picture of how much bushing play there is on normal flat washers, and the sleeved washers. There's a gif version of it on Silverfish, so it might be cool to check it out. There was a noticeable amount of difference in the responsiveness of the trucks, and definitely worth the money for me. RipTide pivot cups: Less noticeable improvements compared to the washers, but still nice to have. The RipTides have specific shapes for different trucks, so they fit better than other companies'. Leans feel cleaner, as there's no more of the wobbly feeling in the pivots. Would definitely buy again if they wear out. Although spending the same amount of money on bushings may change your ride more drastically than a set of washers and pivot cups, these are definitely worth the buck if you already found your right setup and want to improve it just a tad more. Note that this is only my opinion, and that different people may feel differently about these products.
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Awesome post! The comparison pictures actually really help to show what's going on
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