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Holding court above the 18 karat yellow gold is a whopping 51 carat citrine gemstone ring that is being hocked as "retro" through Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry. The tobacco and whiskey hued dazzler costs less than 3 Grand, which makes it an ideal nuptial gift from the groom to the bride.
Ask yourselves ladies, how many of you have fiances who have already asked you about what wedding gift you'd like to receive? Don't lie. None of you right? Start planting seeds now, darlings.
No. 31-1-4128
51.16 ctwt
Emerald cut
18 k yellow gold setting
I know you mentioned on another comment that you are not into large chunky jewels and jewelry. But I have to ask, does this ring sort of change your mind? @noonmarez :)
nice try @nixonwoman. lol I like looking at the rings you share. I doubt I would wear any of the larger pieces. But they are great to look at.
It's a pretty shade of gold. Not too yellow.
My grandmother would have worn something like this also. Very chic.
Very masculine ring. It's so you @nixonwoman. The cognac color of the stone is beautiful
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