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Don't forget what makes a cosplayer.

This video tells the story of why people cosplay, the world cosplay creats for us, and more all while showing off amazing cosplays and amazing cosplayers from Katsucon 2015.

What makes you want to cosplay? What makes cosplay what it is to you? Share in the comments!

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This is why I love cosplay. Even if I don't cosplay myself, getting to look at the craft of others is more than enough for me.
@amog32 Yes! It's so cool to just see the passion and pride people put into their cosplays, regardless of how good the cosplay looks to another person!
What a cool video to make--still show off the con, but also do some educating about cosplay. New take on these kind of videos, I think!
@vulpix And I'm sure it feels great to be them, and to be asked these questions which I'm sure they've thought about before.
@amog32 Definitley! I know that a lot people feel like cosplay is just a weird hobby when they ahve to explain it away but this gives them a chance to let it shine!