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Elsa's Volumised French Braid

(Scroll Right to see video tutorial)
This video tutorial is simple and straight to the point! The beauty of this hairstyle is the nice, full and thick braid. For a more relaxed look, loosen up the front hair

Elsa's Braid and Makeup

In the video above you get to learn how to get Elsa's makeup and hairstyle. Two in one - who wouldn't like that? However, what I love most about this version is her messy back hair. It gives off an illusion of updo even though she's wearing a braid.

Elsa's Coronation Updo

(Scroll right for a step-by-step tutorial.)
This updo manipulates the technique of twist. You start from twisting the crown and moving your way back to create the low bun updo. This is super simple and does not require any braiding skills. It would look super cute with the right accessory!
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@danidee If you're talking about the first tutorial then yes, she does!
@stargaze Yeah! That's who I meant. Though the second girl does too. I think it's because the first one is wearing a lot of eye-popping blue.
Second one is definitely my favorite. The makeup and hair is perfect for prom.
For special occasion - updo is the safest choice!
"Do you wanna build a snowman ♬" Love Elsa! Must try this out ;)