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SNSD's Jessica and Lee DOng Wook were caught holding hands!
During the shoot of SBS’s ‘One Night of Entertainment TV – Star Watch‘ featured the VVIP premiere of the movie ‘Untouchable: 1% Friendship‘ and met up with attendees Lee Dong Wook and Girls’ Generation's Jessica. Lee Dong Wook was in the middle of an interview when he saw Jessica come to the premiere and warmly greeted her. The two played past lovers in the recently finished drama ‘Wild Romance‘ and on this night held each others hands, shared a light hug and greeted each other. Are they really close to each other in real life too?
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they so cute,
5 years ago·Reply
oh yeally..?
5 years ago·Reply
i didnt know this!!!!
5 years ago·Reply
waaaa...my jessica.....
5 years ago·Reply
Srry but her character on that show got on my nerves and kind of affected my judgement of her as Jessica! Lol
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