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Written and directed by Joseph Kahn, produced by Adi Shankar. This Power Rangers short film is not as from your child hood.
The 14-minute mini action film is full of thrilling action, great dialog, and some star appearances.
This short film is seriously epic.
The film has tons of subtle references. Like how the Blue Ranger was actually gay in real life.
The only difficult thing to swallow is this pretty face from Dawson's Creek.
YES PLEASE!!!!!! I am a child of the 80's so Power Rangers was never my thing but I would seriously go see this in the theaters if they made it just like this!
The guy with the cyborg leg was Rocky a red ranger at a later time and the guy who got shot up in the car was Jason the original red ranger
Who was the guy with the cyborg leg? Also, I have no idea who got shot up in the car...
Love the blue ranger!
Well. That's certainly different.
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