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How To Use an Android or iOS Devices to Measure Speed

No, not that kind of speedo. I'm talking about SPEEDOMETERS.
Obviously it's fun to track you speed while skating. With the help of apps you can check out a whole bunch of numbers, like seriously sometimes they give you too many numbers.
You can show your friends how fast you went, or how steep that hill was, or how far you pushed.
I've used a fair bit of them and here is what I have come up with. Most of them are either for running or biking, but they will work for our longboarding as well.

My Tracks by Google (Android Only)

Google created their own app called My Tracks. As far as I know this is ONLY on Android and is unavailable on iOS or Windows.
My tracks will record:
- path
- speed
- distance
- elevation
You can also create a path to follow and view your data live while it is recording, which is pretty nifty. It will also give you period voice announcements for your progress, but those can be kind of annying.
You can send tracks to Google Drive which is a nice touch, it also has a friends feature so you can check out what they are doing. Because this is made by Google it works really well with stuff like Google Maps and Google Spreadsheets if you are into that kind of thing.


Strava is predominantely used by runners, bikers, and swimmers, but that doesn't mean it won't work for longboarding. It has been my personal favorite to use and I'll let you know why.
Strava records:
- routes (same thing as paths)
- current, average speed, and top speed
- distance
- elevation
- heart rate (if you like that kind of thing)
Okay, what makes Strava really cool is that it has segments. You can create segments or just automatically do other people's created segments if you happen to follow the same route they do. Segments can be as short as .1 mile, or as long as hundreds of miles.
Segments essentially put everyone into a leaderboard based on the top speed of that segment. You don't have to compete against other people though, because it will track your best speeds and tell you when you beat, tie, or come close to your previous best! If you are into downhill this is an awesome way to track your progress.
Strava also has a pretty big friend network and you can follow people, although (as I said before) most users are runners and bikers.


Endomondo is pretty good, but I'll keep this review short.
Endomondo offers nearly the same things as Strava does, however, I and many others have seen that this app is not super accurate.
Although Strava may not be perfectly accurate, I think this app is a little less accurate still.
When it comes down to it, I think you should really base the decision between Endomondo and Strava on the look of the app. What ever one you prefer using is just fine as they are really similar.

Speed Tracker

Speed Tracker is not a bad app. It is less geared toward exercise and more toward car/motorcycle speed tracking so it might be better suited for tracking for longboarding purposes.
The downside is that the free version of this app has ads (which I hate). The other apps don't have ads like this, or at least they aren't as noticeable.
The second thing is that this app doesn't offer as many options as others. Here is what it does offer:
- distance
- speed
- coordinates
- time
The benefits of this is is that I think it looks pretty cool and the live tracking is neat. It is also pretty accurate. I would check out other ones before getting this personally.
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@BradleyLazar It's not for just checking your speed, but for other stats as well.
Lol snapchat works too
@steezster Yeah it's worked decently for me
Wow these are way better apps than the apps I've been using haha. I knew about strava from mtb, never thought about using it though, that's a pretty great idea.
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