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I looooooooove how these look haha i think this will be the next helmet i buy.... or maybe a TSG i don't know haha
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@JaydenWashabaug I think second hand is usually the way to go, you have to be careful though I've heard of at least a few people getting ripped off buying longboard gear. Not from silverfish I'm just saying in general
norks are dope, I think if I stumble on the money I'll buy a predator though. I've been looking at the triple 8 racers though, they're pretty sweet too.
hmmmm yea i could see that happening, idk it depends on if i can get money, if not my helmet will do for now haha @mikerosa92
I would rather get a triple 8 or a predator
I was looking at a TSG and they look badass and the predator is also tight. This helmet looks awesome how much is it compared to a TSG?