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Mirko Paoloni and Andreas Mangold went down a nice street to film some boarding!
Some longboarders are starting to use radios as a form of communication on the road, where someone either on the ground or in a car will radio to a boarder and warn them of upcoming hazards like cars. It's a good idea for safer longboarding on open roads, in theory at least.
Mirko took a radio with him and got all the information from the car a couple hundred feet in front of them. However, a radio is no good if you don't warn everyone else in your crew with a hand signal. Andreas didn't have a radio so he couldn't hear any of the alarms.
Even when Mirko did warn Andreas, he usually did it so late that it was obvious there was a car. Just remember, if you are going to take safety precautions actually use them, doing it half-assed is just like not doing it at all.
Great video. I'm a rookie rider and, after watching this, realize I haven't been taking hand signals serious enough. Thanks for posting this. Are there "universal" hand signals in the downhill community?
In my experience it's either just calling out cars or raising your hand for an upcoming obstacle/car/etc. Also if you are going to be doing some downhill on a new hill it's always best to inspect the hill first before you go bombing it blind.