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Tousled wave hair looks chic, effortless, and low-maintenance. Unfortunately, not all of us are genetically blessed with the perfect thick hair that allows us to roll out of bed with a perfectly mussed bedhead. Follow these 6 steps to pull off this style.
ONE. Wash your hair before heading to bed. Make sure it's 90% air-dry before snoozing.
TWO. Running a mousse through you hair while it's still damp. This trick help smooth unruly strands and tame the frizz. If you want less texture choose go with hairspray instead.
THREE. Make sure your hair is detangle before sleep or you'll wake up with a bird's nest.
FOUR. Put your nearly-dry hair in a high bun right before you go to sleep. It help ward off frizz and create waves. Position the bun on the crown so you can sleep comfortably.
FIVE. When you wake up, shake out your bun and loosen with an extra wide-tooth comb.
SIX. Tame any flyaways with hairspray. Work it on your hair and run it through your hair.
Say hello to your natural tousled hair!
I like those good idea.. but..., I have short hair, is there anything for good tips for short hair like me?
@Alicia23 The best time to add the mouse is when your hair is damp. I would say right after you towel dry your hair. Also, avoid applying too much or your hair will feel greasy and sticky. Another tip: Flip your head back over and apply it for more volume!
It works really well if you have a little longer than shoulder length I do this bed head style all the time
@stargaze yes! also if you have lots of hair you can tie it up in two buns!
I do this everyday.haha
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