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Arnaud Maggs' photographs may be incredible to look at online, but it nothing like seeing them in person.
Two years ago, at the age of 86, Maggs won the Scotiabank Photography Award. The prize was created by Edward Burtynsky only a year before. Born in Montreal, Maggs now travels between Toronto and France calling both his home. Starting out as a designer and fashion photographer, Maggs started creating his work he is most known for in the early 1970s. He has since made his mark in contemporary photography.
Maggs entered the exhibition space and displayed his signature style. The person he photographed, the sitter, is photographed from a frontal, profile and back point of view, where Maggs studies his subjects through repetition of shape and form. Printed a little larger than life size, the sitters in turn seem to study him and therefore the viewer as well. Maggs did this study with a number of people some being established artists, while others being from a same community. Maggs seemed to capture an entire different personality than the one looking straight into the camera.
Interesting work, I have never heard of this photographer before but I am intrigued!
@dillonk They are bigger than life-size and really incredible to see!
Wow, I'll have to look up more of his work! Looks like it would be fantastic to see in person