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EPISODE 3 IS HEREEE!!! keke I watched it on, but it's not anywhere on Youtube yet so sorryyyy otherwise i would upload video and tell u story with eng subs! but i found pics for youuu.... keke enjoy! It starts with the two of them in Melbourne, Rainie is still v angry with Show and she says "Lets split ways, I dont want to see you anymore!" however, they keep bumping into each other! Rainie stares angrily at Show and he looks at her pleadingly and says "by accident!!!" hahahaha Rainie doesnt believe him. But she suddenly looks at him, and runs over and says ok I forgive you let's shake hands and be friends............ BUT............ heehee i think she has smthg up her sleeves............. Other parts here! (1) (2) (3)
@pradadrama thanks pradadrama, i like these screenshots, cos video is not out on Youtube yet..
thanks for this! i couldnt find Eng Subs anywhere else THANK YOU!
this show gets better and better!!! when is Ep 4 coming out???