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A new pedestrian and cyclist bridge is going to be built in London to connect from Nine Elms to Pimlico over the Thames, and the potential designs are in! I have to admit I think some of this are pretty strange. Others, though, seem too simple! They're all listed below (there's 74 total! I've only included 50 of them below. Scroll through all the images in each section below! )
I'm also confused by the part for cyclists--some of these don't really seem to have a good bike lane on them, or it's just too hard to tell from the drawing how the bike lane would work. If they're trying to make a bridge for both pedestrians and cyclists, I think they'll need to make sure it's effective for both groups!
Which is your favorite?

Bridges 1 - 10 (scroll through the images!)

Bridges 11 - 20 (scroll through the images!!)

Bridges 21 - 30 (scroll through the images!!)

Bridges 31 - 40 (scroll through the images!)

Bridges 41 - 50 (scroll through the images!!)

My fave was number 34
@marshalledgar I don't think so, really. The nice thing about this project is that they have a certain budget right now, but they plan on using all this publicity through the contest to raise more/enough to complete whichever the public is favoring, which is a really cool way of getting it done, i think
I don't lay awake at night thinking about it, but I do wonder what prevents stuff like this from being built. If you're already spending 10 million on a boring bridge, what's another 2 million to make it spectacular? Am I being too simplistic?
@marshalledgar That would indeed be nice, but I think as time goes on we'll see more and more of it! @danidee There's a few that I don't LOVE but I'd be down to see most of them.
All of the architecture is so modern. I would be cool with ANY of these being the final plan for the bridge.
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