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It's coming brides...J'Aton's website is almost up. For those wondering what all the fuss is about, it's because the Aussie, whose work has walked many a red carpets is making his bridal statement gowns available online! The gown pictured here could easily be transformed into a breathtaking wedding gown for the couture-minded bride out there.
Taken from UK's Daily Mail, Rebecca Judd is seen wearing a re-worked J'Aton gown for her Brownlows attendance with husband and AFL player, Chris Judd.
While Judd kept the original gray and white printed silk bodice with drop pearl detailing, she nixed the original full skirt that went with it. So J'Aton created a new custom layerd skirt made of the same printed silk with the addition of white mesh neoprene.
These are the stunning pictures on the red carpet.
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Wow, this looks like a Disney princess dress. An extremely modern one.
Not sure if it's horse hair or not. seems like a good guess @darcysdiary.
I haven't seen a disney movie in forever @danidee. Which princess? You need to watch Project Runway @marshalledgar. It's sooooo good!
@darcysdiary I'm not sure! Maybe a princess that hasn't existed yet. Disney Princess for the Future.
My favorite is still Snow White.