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She just mistakenly updated her twitter with her selca picture, wearing a pajama, together with Eunhyuk Super Junior, which is not really clear whether he is wearing something (or not!). A lot of people said that IU cute and innocent image will be ruined by her own stupid mistake. Aigoo, I think celebs should not use twitter...but what do you all say about this?
ehh.. But that is not a proper way of getting revenge cause that will harm her reputation as well... A bad decision
revenge plan backfires!! i guess she's really innocent if she defines revenge that way..she should have contacted me... lol
@neaa i read an article saying that she did it on purpose (i translated the article to indonesian but i didnt have time to translated it to english sorry ><) which basically says that IU is kinda hurt by eunhyuk who is not serious with her, so she wanted to take revenge..but i dunno man....
lols.. right.. but do you really think IU would even mistakenly put her pic with a no clothes guy on twitter? could she be so clueless?
@neaa it's really up to her, it's just she started her debut with an innocent and pure style, and a lot of people used to think that she's really pure. it's just i feel that the company was making bad explanation about this incident: visit when she was sick? if it's a visit then why did he need to take off his clothes? @14jenny she mistakenly uploaded her pic and delete it 2 mins after, but it was too late...
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