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When I first tried out a vegan diet in high school, I remember that I had the hardest time actually liking anything made with vegan cheese. But fast-forward a decade, and I feel like the market for vegan cheeses has made extraordinary progress. Here is a hilarious Buzzfeed of non-vegan trying vegan cheese for the first time.
Okay, so for the most part, they spend the entire time making fun of it, but it's really, really interesting to see which cheeses they would really give a chance! (With that being said -- Whaddup, Tofutti vegan cheese slices? You know I love you. I didn't need a panel of Buzzfeed vloggers to tell me you're the bomb.)
What's your favorite (or least favorite) vegan cheese? For example, I LOVE soy-based cheeses like Follow Your Heart, but I HATE Daiya. (Did you know Daiya is made in a lab? I always thought that was kind of weird...)
Definitely not the biggest fan of Daiya because of that :/ I use it sparingly.
That girl's "NO! Oh........no" had me laughing out loud!!
LOL I feel like I should film my family's reactions to vegan food...it's pretty much like this haha
"Cows and nuts are different" Such a smart boy!
Tofutti Cuties turned me on to the entire brand and I love it!!
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