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Astringent Face Washes
An astringent is like a tougher version of a regular face wash, and it helps your pores to shrink. Astringent products can seriously dry you out though, so don’t use it every day, limit it to just a few times a week.
Use a Toner
Toners are applied in between washing your face and applying moisturizer and help refine your pores after they’ve just been released of all the bad stuff. Look for old school ingredients like witch hazel and rose water.
Better yet, learn how to make your own!

Scrub and Sunscreen!

Using a gentle exfoliating scrub on your face rids your skin of dead cells and clears out the yucky stuff collecting in your pores. For products, you should look for salicylic acid, but you can also use something as simple as sugar to exfoliate. You should be using SPF everyday, but be sure to not forget to use it on days after exfoliating!
Try these sugar scrubs:
For the full list: Homemade Face Scrubs

Facials and Masks

Facials not only feel amazing, but they seriously bring your skin back to life. Use an at-home facial that you can curate exactly to your needs. There are so many to choose from and should only take around 30 minutes.
Try some of these out:
For on-the-go skin revival:
I have a citrus based toner that really has helped clear up my acne/skin in general!
Also a big tip is to not pop your pimples or anything like that...just keep your hands off your face!!
Egg white masks really help too!
When I was a teenager with hella oily skin (dark times) astringent face washes were an actual life saver!
@GetFitwithAmy I'm also a big fan of St Ive's product. I love using their apricot scrub!
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