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Do you have the munchies all the time? Trying to suppress that chocolate craving? Here are some basics ingredients that will help naturally suppress you appetite so that you can make the best healthy eating decisions rather than gorging on a double cheese burger and large fries!


These handy snacks aren't just filled with the good fats that help keep your cholesterol low — they are also a great source of fiber that will fill you up and keep you full longer than if you were eating carbs.
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Studies have shown that spicy food can help keep you fuller longer and it sets your metabolism on fire! A recent study actually found that people ate 60 fewer calories when cayenne pepper was added to their tomato soup. So get your spice on!
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And no, Thin Mints don't count. The smell of mint is also an effective appetite suppressant to grab that gum, peppermint tea, or even a mint-flavored candle!
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Leafy Greens

There is a reason why it is so much easier to finish a large serving of french fries than it is to eat an entire bowl of spinach. The high water content and fiber found in leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, and kale fills you up quickly.
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Some studies have found that caffeine may suppress your appetite for a short time, although the effects haven't been shown with long-term consumption. If you're really craving a bar of chocolate, try going for a cup of black coffee instead.


Eating something sour can help curb sweet cravings, helping you feel satisfied after a meal.
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Green Tea

Drinking hot water can help keep you full, and better yet, green tea speeds up your metabolism!
chewing gum causes intestinal bloating. try chewing on a natural sprig of mint, or infuse it into your water instead.
Thin Mints are the polar opposite of an appetite suppressant!
I heard that a lot of herbs actually suppress appetite (including mint!)
any TeX Mex or southwest nut & seed mix with just the right amount of spice is perfect! <3
Thanks @christy. I'm not paranoid. I just know that i need to make some changes. There's a gym not too far from me. Starbucks cake pops are my addiction.
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