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a very very simple video I made to show my love to this drama (love rain) .. i love the 70's part, 2012 love, the friendship, i like JGS and Yoona's Hair style, ahhhh, i love everything about this drama..
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this is really great! BTW did you really enjoyed 70's part? I mean I also love this drama but not 70's part. :)
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@goldtigerzz me too. not 70's part. BTW, goldtigerzz do you like this kind of drama too? I though all you like were those action movies like Kungfu things. LOL
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i enjoyed watching the 70's part ,although its a bit slow,it really got me interested.. but of course the next episodes after the 70's part is the best..
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really love this drama, this drama will always stay in my heart <3
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