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hehe Show agrees to shake Rainie's hand, but Ranie is tooo clever, she grabs his hand and holds it to her throat and starts screaming!!!! passers-by all come and watch and Show just runs off scared. Rainie cant stop grinning and is soo triumphant about her trick :) Show stops at a little cafe to buy a drink but LO AND BEHOLD Rainie walks in!!! he immediately DUCKS. but too late, Rainie saw him! She starts scolding him again and Show pleads his innocence and says "I reallyy wasn't following youu!" Grin people who are watching this will think that Melbourne is really small. wahahahaha. I dont know if that is good or bad given that this is for Tourism Australia grin. Anyway Show starts to say that "I really wasn't following you! And stop scolding me! I said I was sorry already, u should try to be nicer to me, you never know, one day u might need my help." Rainie replies "when that day comes, if it ever does, i will BEG you." And of course, in true drama fashion, THAT DAY COMES RIGHT AT THIS SECOND. ahaha. Rainie's ex-lover (or smthg like that) walks into the shop and this time it's Rainie's turn to hide! Show grins v happily and says to her "so... BEG me." hahaha. Other parts here! (1) (2) (3)
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