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With all the back and forth about my dress and color and theme, I decided to splurge on a pair of heels that I can wear for my wedding and for other occasions, besides. At first I was looking for clear Cinderella style heels but I couldn't find anything that grabbed my eye. A lot of the platform heels that were clear looked risque!
Then I typed "wedding heels" into Google and these shoes popped up immediately. When I learned they were from designer, Betsey Johnson, I got worried, until I went to her website and discovered that what was once $150 was marked down to $60!
Here's why I am so madly in love with these:
* The collection name is so cute "Blue by Betsey"
* The unmistakable Tiffany Blue color is on the under sole and not the shoe itself. As @NixonWoman says, it's "nuanced."
* Champagne is such a neutral color. It will give the illusion of longer legs, especially since I am going with a tea-length wedding dress.
* A little bling is my thing. haha <3 The crystal mesh is sparkly enough without being over the top.
* There's an ankle strap! I've seen a hundred mules that I have LOVED but just not practical for a wedding. I'll save mules for summer.
The Tiffany Blue 'heart' stitching is so pretty.
Crystal mesh that is not crazy. Just enough bling for my wedding.
Love the 'heart' plate Betsey Johnson logo on these heels. Probably the only designer thing I can afford to wear for my wedding. It's only $60 on BetseyJohnson.com.
What a great first step in your wedding preparations @daniachicago. These shoes are so versatile too. You were smart to get something that you can wear after the wedding. (and before, to break them in)
I'd actually wear these. And can't believe you're getting these for $60. I pay twice that at the dry bar every two weeks. :(
LOL Thx @nixonwoman. I have no idea what bal harbor is but it sounds fancy. Just glad to get the pieces of the wedding underway. This was my first real purchase!! <3
Also, these are really fabulous heels. At $60, they're virtually free!
Let Mama Nixon show you how to embrace designer fashion @daniachicago! Forget Kleinfeld. Come to Bal Harbor and I will show you! :)
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