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This was requested by @YoomiHeo. I recently posted a card on waking up with perfect bedhead and ladies with short hair can follow the same process. The only step you'll need to alter is step four (putting your hair in a bun).
Since you have short hair it'll be difficult to grab all hair in one bun. There are two methods to wake up with loose waves.

Method 1: Make Multiple Buns

If you want extremely loose waves I would suggest sectioning your hair in four sections and make four buns. Previously, I posted a card on how to achieve effortless waves with this method, you can refer to it here. If you want more volume you can make more buns, refer to the video above for demonstration!

Method 2: Use a Headband

If you have thick hair this method works best! You won't end up with frizzy hair. Follow the 2 minutes video above on how to achieve a loose textured wave!
If you have any questions or comments, share below!
can't wait to try this . I was getting tired of flat ironing my hair
@beywatch I just googled her and she looks gorgeous!
With this clip I wish I had short hair
@HairConfetti She's on my celeb lady crush list for sure.
I'm obsessed with the model in this first picture. She reminds me of Natalia Vodianova = my fave.
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