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Can we define love? It comes in so many different forms, to so many different people, can it really be defined? I really enjoyed the vintage animation style of this great TED-Ed video. You can enjoy the full lesson here if you're interested!
On a more scientific note, your body really does react to love!!! I found this video after reading this card by @kristenadams the other day, and it backs up everything she said: your body when you like or love someone goes through changes that can be explained! Your behavior isn't so crazy, rather, you've got a physiological connection happening during different stages of romance.
I like the idea to just let love be what it is, you know? Nothing more, nothing less. Thinking too much about it kind of ruins it for me
It kind of freaks me out to think too much about this. Like, if love is just a bodily reaction that can change because of hormone changes, there are just so many things that aren't even about my personality or thoughts (?) that can change the love situation I'm in....freakyyyyyy