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Looking at these pictures of Moon Chae Won from Style Innerve makes me wish that the stylists of the drama would choose more vibrant outfits for Eun Gi. I especially dislike the oversized coats they make her wear - I don't think it's flattering at all. Don't get me wrong, I think it suits her more or less and sets her apart from the more seductive Jae Hee but still I wish they got rid of those drab grey colors at least. And it also seems to be getting progressively worse with each episode. What do you guys think?
i know.. i mean i understand the concept of a drama but to kill a woman's charms is unjust.. no matter how like a boy a woman is raised.. she would never wear old woman clothing.. i remember her amnesia days in maru's house.. i used to curse choco for letting her dress that way..that to opposite to joong ki
@14jenny oh I didn't think about it from that point of view but that makes sense. eun gi is not suppose to be the most feminine girl out there (especially before she lost her memories) and if she has to wear office clothes I guess she would go for simple colors colors and more conservative style
@neaa totally agree with you!! Moon Chae Won is beautiful no matter what they do to her but I don't understand why they make her hair look so unstyled....+no make up and oversized coats >.> there is a way to dress simply but then there is a way to just dress her like an old woman :(
no i love it cause its simple:))
yeap. but I think the stylist gave her those outfits cause she was raised be her father not as a woman but seo's future successor so her lack of femininity was expressed through her clothes
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