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Whether ordering fabric from overseas is practical or not (for your wedding), you can't ignore the importance of making your mark to personalize the event, because that's what Jess Schleder did. You can read her blog at
She wanted something unique. Something that would pull double-duty to keep the budget down. That something was transforming rented suits into the remarkable. Schleder did it by importing two yards of Scottish plaid.
Since the wedding was in the Fall, Schleder was able to find beautiful Autumn hues in a plaid that had rich oranges to navy blues and peridot greens. The peacock boutonniere pairs well with the necktie as it has similar colors.
Though this card isn't a tutorial on how you can make your own ties, you could easily order them from her directly or grab a pattern online. This is Schleder's brief demo on how she folded fabric for the pocket squares.
If you have questions or would like to buy something from her shop simply click on the links under the photos to follow Schleder's blog at Etsy.
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@noonmarez I forgot about that place! :) Jess did an amazing job on these. Job well done.
I love this! The tartan pattern is actually pretty nice.
Me too @danidee. I wish I had it for myself!! :)
I think it'd be a nice way to gesture to someone's Scottish heritage without having to pull out the kilts.
Agreed @danidee. I'm a big fan of being subtle or referencing something instead of being so obnoxious. (not that wearing kilts is obnoxious.)