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This hairstyle was slightly inspired by "Hunger Game" Katniss's side braid. The only difference is the added wraparound bun. Nonetheless, this is another possible updo for prom! You can even dress it up by adding hair embellishments.
Step 1: Second your hair to one side (separate any fringe using a clip or bobby pin). Then, grab a the thickest side of the part and separate it into three even sections.
Step 2: Start dutch braiding (the inside out method). Instead of weaving counter-clockwise like a regular plait, you’ll be twisting the strands in an over-to-under motion. Keep braiding until you hit the area over your ear.
Step 3: Once you hit the ear, slowly turn the direction of your braid to wrap around your nape diagonally instead of going down. Basically, you're slanting the braid towards your neck.
Step 4: When you’ve reached the bottom, keep braiding but direct the plait away from your scalp. Let the hair fall loose as you wind your braid down the side of your collarbone.
Step 5: Finish the braid with a clear elastic or a decorative hair tie. Loosen the braid for more volume and dimension. Finally twist the tail into a bun at the side of your head for an elegant style.
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I'm seriously in love with this hairstyle! I have a medium long hair hopefully it'll turn out just as nice!
This braid bun is so Anna Sui. I'm obsessed.