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I was really excited to do the more obscure version of Snow White, considering it's not really in the movie for that long! It was super comfortable to wear, it just felt really natural being her in her peasant-like state smile emoticon. Hopefully next time I'll have her wooden shoes--the ones I ordered online were way too big! I can't wait to wear this costume again!

Complete costume made by me Bucket borrowed from drama teacher Thanks to the amazing @yenra, I have photos of it! For more work by @yenra, check out his website!

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Your expressions are all very natrual
Angie @AngeliPon + Ken @Yenra = the perfect team!
This is so adorable! Do you sew your own costumes? Is that a thing that most cosplayers do? (I'm a little cosplay dumb so pardon my questions.)
Your expressions are SO pretty. Really natural. And I can see how good your seems are even in these photos like holy wow if you handmade those your sewing skills are crazy!
superb cosplay!